Monday, November 1, 2010

Chickens and Gardens

Today I pulled garden duty and since we now had Lev as well as Derrick (a neighbor guy that Penny hopes to employ part time), Tonya got to pick one person to help her in the Garden while the rest worked on the dome house. She picked me. My morning chore for the day was chickens which Steve showed me.

Fine feathered friends

There are three pens with about ten chickens in each. Each pen gets a scattering of mash and scratch. Since Tonya and Penny are both vegan, they leave all the eggs to the non-vegan WWOOFers.

Aquarius Ranch has two gardens, a garden for produce to take to the market and a garden for the people who live and work here. Today, Tonya and I worked in the latter. First there were a couple of beds that needed weeding. Next, we transplanted some chard that has self-sewn from last season and thinned out some arugula. Needless to say, Pumpkin was all up in our business at the most inconvenient of times.

Among other things, there are starts of lettuce, tomato, spinach and cucumber. I also saw asparagus, carrots, and shallots. I’m told we also grow several varieties of garlic from which Tonya makes syrup. Yum.

View of the non-market garden from atop the dome house. The beds I worked in are on the right behind the bamboo. They are covered with protective material.

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  1. How come you haven't announced your Peace Corp location in your blog? The world is waiting!!