Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gear: Part 2

An aspect of this WWOOF trip involves test-running some things in preparation for Peace Corps. For example. I have my computer set up so I can cache of blog post which I create online and which I upload to the server in batches during the relatively brief times when I have internet access. Part of this process was supposed to be a test from the refurbished Asus Eee 901 netbook that I bought in September using funds I saved during my AmeriCorps year. However, it turned out the netbook needed warranty service and has only just been returned to my mom’s house in Portland.

I am, however, prepared for diverse audio situations. In addition to a cassette adapter, I brought down with me a little radio transmitter. It has an adapter for car cigarette lighters and at Aquarius Ranch it just so happened that I had a port in my trailer just above my head for one of these. I simply plug it into this and my iPod and tune the trailer’s little clock radio to it an I have tunes while I work on blog posts in the trailer.

Trailer-ready audio

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