Saturday, November 6, 2010

Into LA for my Peace Corps papers: Part 3

After perhaps a couple hours of listening to Orson Scott Card on the bus and some in-between time connecting up with Max via phone, I arrived in Los Angeles on November 1, the eve of Todos Santos and thus a time for the city’s celebration of Día de los Muertos with very vivid face painting and elaborate altars at the heart of old Los Angeles. I was lucky to have Max for a guide.

After taking in the altars for a few minutes; we watched the last couple of innings of the world series at a bar, and then had sushi at a very authentic-feeling Japanese restaurant (menus in hand-written kanji and English). Next it was off to pick up Jana at the airport. On the way we caught a minute of some dancing in traditional Aztec dress and I took a call from Mom.

En route to Max’s we drummed up some interest in a bar visit with a couple of friends of Max and Jana. Being in a celebration mood as I was, I did a Bandera with the bartender while everyone placed their orders and got their drinks. In a magnanimous gesture she reduced the price to happy our price and even threw in a beer :-)

The evening’s stimulating conversation gave way to a satisfying sleep on the floor of Max’s apartment.

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