Sunday, November 7, 2010

Into LA for my Peace Corps papers: Part 4

With Peace Corps invitation packet freshly in hand, I carefully negotiated the Los Angeles subway and bus system (and, unfortunately, a rather indiscriminate McDonalds breakfast) to arrive at the Greyhound station with a wayfaring and comely Spanish graphic designer in tow.

As we passed the time in the Greyhound station, waiting for our respective buses to Vegas; we regaled one-another in Spanglish with nuggets from our lives, I letting slip that I would be serving for 27 months on the Island of Hispaniola as a ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Specialist or ICT Educator in the Dominican Republic and describing the informal research in ecotourism that I’m doing in the time leading up to my departure.

Obligatory invitation packet pic

We said our farewells, with promises to continue contact (in particular with sharing of my WWOOF map in mind) and it was off to Barstow on a three-quarters-empty bus which gradually filled until brimming in San Bernardino and depositing me at Barstow station with another friend, sweet and worrisome, with whom I had exchanged food, kindnesses, and phone privileges for the sake of aiding her return home to Montana from what sounded like a difficult living situation in San Diego.

Back at the ranch, things were winding down for the day and I scavenged some food and joined the others for a bonfire of brush pulled from the land that will be Penny’s new pasture (more on that to come).

Spot, one of Penny’s eight dogs


  1. I don't know if you had already said it and I missed it, but I like how you snuck the placement info in there.