Thursday, November 4, 2010

Into LA for my Peace Corps papers: Part 1

The day’s work officially ends at 1:30, but I worked until perhaps 2:00 prepping food with Penny as she schooled me in the preparation of Jerusalem Artichokes. I ate heartily and quickly dashed to Barstow as per an arrangement with Stephen, made the night before.


I rolled up to the Greyhound station in such a hurry that I scarcely noticed my rush until I had crushed my own thumb in a car door. What a mess. With finger bloodied, I made my way to the ticket office and bought the last remaining ticket and THEN staggered to the nearest food vendor in Barstow Station (a local tourism phenomenon) for ice.

On break that day with (left to right) Lev, Stephen, and Bryan

Nursing my wound, I watched idly as the bus rolled up a mere ten to fifteen minutes later only to have the indignant driver address me in a confrontational manner with mock certainty of things I would soon discover to be untrue.


  1. What is this, a cliff hanger!?? What things proved to be untrue? How is your thumb?

  2. Hehe, cliffhanger indeed. Why blow four days' worth of blog material in a single post?

    The driver told me his wasn't the bus I had bought a ticket for. He also said nobody was getting off in Barstow. It turned out neither of these statements was factual.

    The thumb grew a dark band of purple under the fingernail that still shows today.