About Me
My name is Charlie Thompson and I've been invited to serve in the Dominican Republic for 27 months as a Peace Corps volunteer. I began this blog to capture my process and also as a place to reflect on my work and play leading up to and during my service. A native Oregonian, I grew up in the suburbs of Portland. While completing a bachelor's in business administration at Oregon State University, I decided to go abroad and volunteer at Ajb'atz' Enlace Quiché, a move that would ultimately alter the trajectory of my career.

Upon returning to Portland, I became involved as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer, helping to establish Innovative Changes, an emerging microfinance nonprofit. Now, thoroughly convinced of the merits of working for social change, I've begun to entertain the notion of doing it for more than just a few years after college.

I invite you to join me on my journey!

Why "Dale Pa' Alla"?
"Dale Pa' Alla" is a slang phrase used in the Dominican Republic when telling someone to take some specific action. It means something like "go for it" or "get on with it".

What happened to "Life Called"?
The title of this blog was a play on a popular slogan used by the Peace Corps. I changed it so that I would be easier to find using search engines.