Sunday, October 31, 2010


Okay, it wouldn’t be a Charlie blog if I didn’t take a minute to nerd out. First I’m going to whine and complain that my headphone set went the way of all headphones before it’s time had come. It broke, however, in such a way that all the electronics are intact and if I jury rig it onto my head it can still be used. It actually kind of works out this way, cause I can lay on my side with just one earphone on the upward-facing ear. This is nice for listening to audio books.

USB AC Adaptor

My other indispensible toy is this USB wall wart that came with my phone. Because USB has a standard voltage, you can plug many different devices into this that get power from USB. So far I’ve only used to for my phone and my ipod, but I’m sure it will have more uses.

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