Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life on the Ranch

Aquarius Ranch is in the basin of dry lake that dates to prehistoric times. It’s in the Mojave Desert about a three-hour drive from Las Vegas. Los Angeles is a small dome of light on the horizon at night. There is a radio station here for people on I-15, commuting to one of those cities or going between them called, “The Drive”. It plays an odd collection of Steve Miller and Metallica mixed with the occasional track by Nickelback or Sevendust.

The first dome house (already complete when I arrived)

Life on the ranch ain’t bad. Mornings are devoted to animal care and whatever other labor is the order of the day. Sunday and Monday we tend the garden, and Tuesday through Thursday we work on the dome house. In the afternoons we get out of the heat and do whatever we please. Same goes for Fridays and Saturdays.

Pumpkin, one of Penny’s dozen or so cats

I could sure get used to this. There is a fridge in the house with food just for WWOOFers and a trailer where we all hang out and cook meals (and where James currently lives). The big news from the day before I got here was the 40-mph winds. Everyone was nervous for their trailers and anything that wasn’t tied down was liable to blow away. Later this week we are going to tour a neighbor’s ranch. More on that to come.

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  1. Hey thats just like in Star Wars! Was C3PO inside? ;)