Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tar and a Newcomer

Part of the dome construction process involves applying tar to the surface of the super adobe bag for waterproofing. Tar is nasty stuff. If it gets in your clothes it’s pretty much there to stay. It can even stick to your skin through several showers. We had a hard to explaining this to Pumpkin, who has an uncanny skill for inserting himself into whatever chore you happen to be doing at any given time and sitting or standing right where our hands need to be. It’s not hard to guess, then, why Pumpkin’s new nickname is Tar Tail. What a silly cat.

An image of the construction site, as requested

We have received a new recruit out here in the desert. His name is Lev and he is the coolest. A young man of Russian decent, he has lived in New York City, Chicago, and the Midwest (Milwaukee it think). He comes to us fresh from as visit to India where he spent to exploring yoga and meditation. He has an impressive intellect and a disarming wit.

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