Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scout Camp Part 1

The morning of the sixth, after packing in a fury the last of my clean clothes the night before, I went to the gym for one last workout before four days at camp in Jamao De Norte. The aerobics instructor was a guy I had never seen before and he really worked us. He must have found my shorts too revealing or something, though, because when we did the floor routine afterwards, he pulled my towel out from under me and laid across my front from my hips downward. WTF?

Back home I discovered, true to form, that everyone else had heard some news I hadn't. However new developments with the scouts are conveyed, it is a mystery to me; I've never receieved any communique or witnessed one being passed along. And yet, every so often when I proceed according to some schedule I am informed matter-of-factly that it has changed and there is some new plan. The effect of this is doubly confusing considering I've had my class schedule displayed prominently for weeks and have addressed the group in person many times concerning my plans and my agenda and yet and I still often get approached with questions about whether or not I'll be having class on the wrong day or when I plan to begin teaching English.

Anyways, the news on the afternoon of the sixth was that the trip had been postponed indefinitely due to bad weather. Supposedly, we would hear from Pablo the new plan during the regularly-scheduled Saturday scout meeting that week.

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  1. Hey! hi.! :) I'm reading your blog! I like it! When you're going to teach me English? I really want to!
    Is michelle whose is talking to! ;)