Sunday, August 28, 2011

Searching For Apartments

Five days have gone by since I paid Flor to keep him from insisting that I move out right away. Since then, I've looked at three apartments, all outside my price range. The one prospect I had last week, a second-floor apartment in La Milagrosa, seems to be slipping away. The landlady told me there is someone before me in line for it and she is waiting on a phone call from her husband in New York. She was waiting to hear from him two weeks ago.

Looking for an apartment in Moca is not like looking for an apartment in Portland. The is no Craigslist and no newspaper. You just have to go walking around looking for "For Rent" signs and asking people you meet if they know of any places that are available. In the Dominican Republic, nobody ever wants to admit to not knowing something, so I'm constantly given bad information which I have no choice but to investigate on the off chance that the person who gave it to me knew what he or she was talking about

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  1. Im so sorry you have to go through this. I hope something turn up fast. You can also let landlords know that you will be an excellent tenant you get paid regularly and monthly and they wont have to worry about late payments.