Monday, August 22, 2011

Not Welcome Part 2

Flor wanted me moved out by today. His son, who owns the house where he and I live, wants to use the room I'm renting. The problem is that I didn't know this until two weeks ago. In fact, before then I was under the impression that, like many of my peers, I was welcome to stay indefinitely. But I knew something was wrong the moment he sat me down at the end of July and began telling me, "Our agreement was that you would stay for three months..."

The truth is, Flor and I never had any agreement. Volunteer housing was arranged between him and Peace Corps before the Peace Corps position in his community was given to me. I don't know what exchange takes place between host families and Peace Corps before a volunteer arrives, but whatever the typical arrangement may be, it doesn't often lead to the volunteer being asked to leave his or her host home after the first three months. Unfortunately, for me this isn't the case.

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