Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Nightmare Part 1

I awoke at one in the morning from a recurring nightmare. In the nightmare, I am enrolled in college. I have signed up for only two classes, the main purpose being to remain a student and thus retain the benefits of campus life. However, I am several weeks into the term and I have yet to attend a single lecture. This is a dire situation and, try as I might, instead of making the most of the time I have left, I only panic more as I try to invent a way out. The stress mounts until stirs me awake.

US Marines Corps footsteps burn holes in the Dominican flag: I found
this gym in the "library" where we receive training.

Taking some deep breaths, I relax and remember that I have once again believed this dream and the pressure is once again off. I haven't slept well since my second night in the country. This is partly on account of bad dreams. At night I am stabbed, kidnapped, broken up with, disowned. Even on nights that I don't wake up in a sweat having endured some awful ordeal, I am awakened by some mysterious force at three or four in morning.


  1. yikes! sounds like a potential haunting. maybe burn some sage? hope you are safe and well!

  2. Did you get malaria medication? Remember that nightmares are a common side effect.

  3. sorry to hear about the nightmares. that's a really awesome picture though. it looks like wolverine just clawed his way through the corner of the flag though.

  4. I talked to the doctor and he said my body chemistry will stabilize and my sleep patterns will return to normal. I've already begun to notice this happening.