Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Development Salon

Yesterday was the date of CRPCA's monthly happy-hour get-together. This month it was timed to correspond with an informal gathering organized by Global Sistergoods. Arriving near the beginning, I had the pleasure of chatting with one of Sistergoods' founders and her husband while RPCVs slowly trickled in.

My next conversation was with an RPCV from Ukraine and another from Jamaica. The woman who served in Jamaica expressed the interesting opinion that the 60 people serving there when she went were far to large a group for such a small island. After a while, I finally saw the DR RPCV who I had arranged to meet there. She and her partner, another former DR volunteer were able give me an interesting overview of their experience and offer some advice.

Some interesting tidbits that emerged from our conversation included the fact that the mosquitoes will bite me like crazy for about the first month I'm there until my blood assumes the same character that as everyone else's. They also recommended that I bring a headlamp and that decent new clothing will be hard to come by during my time there so I should invest in some nice clothes now and avoid the hassle of trying to track some down in the future.

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