Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

My AmeriCorps year had me living pretty lean. I don't really trust the water in the house where I live, and while I am morally opposed to the concept of bottled water in principle, I'm finding it somewhat of a necessary evil in my present living situation.

These bottles represent 17 days' worth of water consumption from the four 1-gallon jugs I took with me when I left work August 20; my last day as an AmeriCorps Volunteer.

There's another bottle as well that I bought when I was in a jam. It's about half empty. Guess that means I'm not drinking a whole lot of water. About two gallons and three quarts (a little more than 6.5 liters) or less than half of a liter per day. I can hardly imagine how whole families get by with similar water conservation needs in developing parts of Latin America.

I'm reminded of a water situation that emerged while I was volunteering in exchange for room and board in Guatemala. You can read my blog post that mentions it here:

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