Friday, September 24, 2010

All Systems Are Go

Well, folks, from the sound of things it actually just may happen. Yesterday I had my second interview and today they filled the second-to-last checkbox in my toolkit:

According to Kevin Brendle at Peace Corps headquarters, the reason I didn't get placed in the program for which I was nominated, is because that program was cut. He told me that given the present situation, I'm under consideration for a placement in community development. Specifically he mentioned working as a teacher either of English or health-related topics. I told him I would be happy to serve in either capacity. He also wanted to know whether I was willing serve in a more rural or more urban setting to which I responded that I would be equally pleased with either.

In other news, my WWOOF tour has begun to take shape. I've been diligently emailing potential WWOOF hosts and have gotten positive responses from a handful. One in particular is quite excited about my web skills (of all things) and wants to put me to work at an art collective and community garden she organizes.

Finally, I also received notice that CNCS has paid the interest that accrued on my student loans during my AmeriCorps service. The sum? A cool $857.13, baby. Stay tuned in November for when I take my next big bite out of my student debt.


  1. Congrats!

    Also, be careful posting your address online. Sorry if you're okay with it. The internet is a scary place.